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Laser Cataract Surgery

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If your vision has become cloudy, you may need surgery to remove cataracts. Dr. Vicki Lin at iSight Vision Care in Fountain Valley & Huntington Beach, California uses advanced laser cataract surgery techniques to provide her patients with better and more effective outcomes.

Laser Cataract Surgery Q&A

What are cataracts?

Everyone has a lens in each eye that helps to focus light in the back of the eye so that you can see. While this lens starts out clear, over time, it begins to get cloudy. This causes your vision to become blurry, eventually leading to blindness if left uncorrected. Some symptoms of cataracts are poor night vision, difficulties reading at night, difficulties doing daily activities, and frequent prescription glasses changes in a short period of time. The most effective way to resolve this problem is through laser cataract surgery to replace the cloudy lens.

What is laser cataract surgery?

It's a bladeless method of removing cataracts using a laser. During the procedure, Dr. Lin will use the LenSx Femtosecond Laser to create a precise incision to gain access to the cloudy lens. Each pulse of the laser only lasts a femtosecond and directly penetrates the tissue, providing quick tissue separation. She will then remove the lens fragments via ultrasound and replace with a new intraocular lens to help regain clear and perfect vision.

What are the different IOL options to choose from?

Intraocular lenses, or IOLs, are the artificial lenses that are implanted into your eye after cataract removal. There are several different kinds of replacement IOLs, including:

  • Monofocal IOLs – the most common type of IOLs that can provide only reading or distance vision.
  • Multifocal IOLs (Tecnis, AcrySof, Symfony) – a lens that provides both close-up and distance focus. These lenses provide the greatest freedom from eyeglasses after surgery.
  • Accommodative IOLs (Crystalens) – a flexible lens that can move and change shape, letting you see different distances.
  • Toric IOLs – a lens good for people with astigmatism.

Dr. Lin can help you decide which lens is best for you. In some cases, you might even require a different type of IOL in each eye.

What are the benefits of the LenSx Laser in cataract surgery?

The LenSx Laser is a great choice because it eliminates manual incision with blades and helps to automate some of the most difficult steps of the cataract surgery. The LenSx laser portion of the procedure takes less than 20 seconds, allowing precise control and more reproducible surgical outcomes than the alternative manual method.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At iSight Vision Care, we accept most major vision insurance plans. Here is a short list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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