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Dry Eye Treatment

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Dry eye can cause significant discomfort and affect quality of life. Luckily, Dr. Vicki Lin at iSight Vision Care in Fountain Valley & Huntington Beach, California offers patients a variety of treatment options for dry eye to help provide relief, including autologous serum tears, punctal plugs, and prescription medications.

Dry Eye Treatment Q&A

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is an extremely common eye condition, with symptoms that include irritation, redness, stinging, burning, eye strain, or blurry or unstable vision. It happens when your eyes do not produce enough natural tears to successfully lubricate themselves, increasing the risk of eye infection and debris in the eye.

What are some Rx medications for dry eye?

Although over-the-counter eye drops are widely available, sometimes they just aren't effective for every patient. If an over-the-counter solution isn't working effectively, Dr. Vicki Lin may recommend a prescription eye drop to stimulate your own natural tear production.

What are autologous serum tears?

Autologous serum tears is a lubricant made from your own blood. Serum is extracted from the blood and diluted with saline to produce an eyedrop unique to the patient. Since this does not contain any preservatives and has the same pH and nutrients as your own body, autologous serum tears provide superior results compared to commercially available artificial tears.

What are punctal plugs?

Punctal Plugs are inserted into tear ducts to block excess drainage of natural tears into your nose. This quick and painless insertion process is performed in the office. This dry eye therapy allows the eye to retain more tears throughout the day, thus stabilizing vision and increase comfort.

If you suffer from dry eyes, contact Dr. Lin to discuss potential solutions to reduce your risk of infection or discomfort. 

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At iSight Vision Care, we accept most major vision insurance plans. Here is a short list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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